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2013                              Xing-Xing Multimedia, Beijing

Smart   CG Stereoscopic Feature Film

2010-2013                    ToonZone Studios

 Action Dad  Animated TV Series (Also Executive Producer)

2008-2010                     Toiion Studios,  Seoul  

  Dino Mom   CG Feature Film

2007                              Kosmic Films

                                      Doubting Thomas   Feature Film Animated Main Title Sequence

2005-2007                     Animotion Works / Educational Adventures

                                      Danger Rangers  PBS Animated TV Series

2004                               Disney Playhouse / Peachblossom Media / Sunwoo Entertainment

                                      Shin Shin   Animated TV Series Pilot

1999-2002                     Disney Toons Studio

                                      Cinderella II – Dreams Come True   Direct To Video Feature  Film

1998                               Warner Brothers Television / WB Network

                                      Baby Blues   Prime Time Animated TV Series

1996-1997                     HBO Animation

                                      Spicy City  Late Night Animated Cable TV Series

1993                               CBS / Nelvana

                                       WildC.A.T.s  Saturday AM Animated TV Series

1988 – 1990                  CBS / Group W / Murakami Wolf

                                       Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Syndicated and Saturday AM Animated TV                                        Series


2002-2003                    Universal Studios

Van Helsing - The London Assignment  Animated DVD Tie-In with Van Helsing           Feature Film

                                     Riddick-Dark Fury Animated Half DVD Tie-In with Chronicles Of Riddick                                       Feature Film

1996-1997                    HBO Animation

                                     Spawn  Late Night Animated Cable TV Series (Second Season)

1991-1992                    O Pictures / Virgin Records USA.

                                      Big Time  Combination Live Action/ Animation Music Video

                                      Skat Strut Combination Live Action/ Animation Music Video

                                       Paula Abdul World Tour '91-‘92

                                     Opposites Attract  Animated Segment for Concert Tour Video Wall

1988-1989                    NBC / Walt Disney Company / Murakami Wolf Swenson

                                      Mickey Mouse's 60th Birthday  Prime Time Combination Animation-Live                                       Action TV Special

1988                              Fox / Lorimar / Murakami Wolf Swenson, Inc.

                                     Hollywood Dog  Prime Time Combination Live Action/Animation TV Pilot


2002                              Varga International / Tiger Aspect UK/ Grand Slamm

                                     Bosom Pals-Joan’s Birthday” and “Hoe-Dunnit”  BBC-TV Prime Time                                       Animated TV Specials

                                      (2004 CICA Annecy Film Festival Award Winner)

Experience from 1975 to 1988 includes:

Staff at four TV commercial production facilities:

FilmFair 1975-1978

Coast Productions 1981-1983

Murakami Wolf Swenson 1983-1985

Cornell/Abood 1992 - 1993

Staff Animator:

Hanna Barbera 1978-1979

Murakami Wolf Swenson Films: 1979 - 1980

Free-lance Motion Control Director: 1980-1981

Three productions in Japan as an overseas animation supervisor:

Thayer’s Quest  Laserdisc Based Animated Computer Game- Toei Doga Japan 1984

Adventures of the American Rabbit   Animated Feature Film- Toei Doga 1984-1985

Fluppy Dogs Animated TV Special- Tokyo Movie Shinsa 1986  

Staff at Disney TV Animation: 1985 - 1986

Production artist for NBC/Amblin’s Amazing Stories Live Action TV series: 1987


1984 Emmy Award: Graphics & Title Design, NBC TV Prime Time Animated Series  The Duck Factory

1999 Emmy Award: Best Animated Television Series One Hour in Length, HBO Animation Series  Spawn